8 great ways of implementing the Content marketing ideas

Posted by Samiksha Seth on Fri, 20 Feb 2015 16:33:39 GMT
8 great ways of implementing the Content marketing ideas

Just an idea is not enough to start up a new online venture and when you own it, you need to know that a blog and content marketing strategy is prime importance for b2b business and it would affect the way you generate traffic for your e-commerce store. A blog can help your store in enhancing ranking and enhances the provider-customer relation as well.

So, now don’t start with opening an MS word doc, scribing it and then scratching your head. You first need to again have an idea on where to start. So here I'm trying to present you with easiest ideas which can boost traffic into your online store.

Have Role Models

Well, as a kid didn’t you always want to be a school teacher or a sports teacher and ideas use to churn in your head on how good you would be, doing this and that. So the same principle is followed here, to start with you need to have people around you talking about it, discussing it. As offline we hardly get these kind of people, best is to look online. Find them and follow them .You can follow blogs, follow people on twitter, subscribe to such companies email letters and even online magazines subscriptions could help you. You need to be choosy, as your taste would determine the traffic of your blog. So, if you just pick “anything” for your blog, it would reflect the same affecting your traffic and so your sales. Choose wisely!!

How you are “unique and different “from your other counterparts

With thousand of online stores floating with same business model, you need to highlight the “difference and uniqueness” of your store, in such a way that it’s picked up by search engine and is ranked higher. May be it’s the mechanism of customer service, or your refund/exchange policy or your delivery part. The key ingredient has to be polished and published. No other market strategy could work better than highlighting “what good things” you are already doing. So get going!

People who work with you

Prevention India, recently when they had their anniversary, called all people who were contributing to the magazine to share their health mantras and that article was liked by all. Real people, real experiences, real stories when narrated could make a lot of difference.

May be a short bio of your team member, a day of his life in office, or how the ideas are generated and implemented by the team, the fun part of your office, or putting nicknames like The mastermind, The ROBOT and why are they called so.

Don’t you love “behind the scenes” of any movie. How many times the scene was filmed and how people reacted. It serves well as it generates content and also you can help your team to get highlighted, leading to long bonding company-employee relation and customer is pretty much aware on with whom they are dealing with.

What’s new in stores

So apart from mobile in your stores, you just started mobile phone accessories sale. So say out that loudly now here there are two things, one you need to get people to know “what’s new” and also make sure to have a clear, crisp and good content available to support those product information. This trick would help you in two ways; first as it generates anxiety among customers on what the new product is as if trust is already built, they’ll make sure to buy it form you. And second it can be a long term relation with your customer. A very good recent example which I like to pick is Xiaomi sale, and as Flipkart was the only store where the sale was made , it had resulted in their sale being wrapper up is seconds; but each time sale is announced people hold their breath and wait for the new launch to happen.

Do It Yourself

The first thing a customer does, after purchasing a new electronic equipment is reading its manual. The do’s and don’ts. That applies to an e-commerce store as well. Just for e.g., your store sells the Samsung phone X model and recently a bug was reported, which is still to be fixed by the company , an update is to be released. You can simply put the latest news about this in your website and redirect to the company’s site. It would in a way lead more traffic to your website and also customers would know if there are issues where to find a solution. In a similar manner, a tutorial on how to operate “YY device” or how to install “ZZ” software would be handy to the customer. Also it would be worth mentioning some of the precondition before using a product or the do’s and don’ts of a product.

Customer’s Love Price Dips… so plan it out and say it loud!

So, the most and most obvious one, isn’t? Who wouldn’t love to simply browse and get stuff at discounted price? So if you are planning for Holi sale, say it loud on your blog, post links to different categories, with discounted price. Ask people to subscribe to get discount on their first purchase or invite friends to get more discounts. Use graphics, videos, banner, and info graphics to get all attention to your sale.

Post event Narration

So you had announced a big sale, post content on how and were it successful? What were the pain points and what went smoothly? Were there any glitches? Ask customers to provide feedback and if things went wrong, what are the measures companies are taking to improve it. What were the lessons learnt and what are the key findings of an event?

A short film

Words, picture have their significance but a film could possibly be able to convince customers more than anything else. A short trip of your office, a day in office while the sale was on, office at night time, office at early mornings, just shoot a short film and post it on your blog. People love this kind of information. A product tutorial on how to install the software on your windows phone. Customers would be more than grateful to provide such things to them.


As you are the owner and you know the in and out of your trade, and there are lot of prospects to compose knowledgeable content by letting the individual know about the trendy stuff in your industry, and there are numerous ways to do it … words, image, video or even audio in that matter. Just create it…publish it… and let the story help you to get more SALES