Understanding Color Psychology for a Successful eCommerce Business

Posted by Vikash Rathee on Tue, 24 Feb 2015 11:05:49 GMT
Understanding Color Psychology for a Successful eCommerce Business

Do you know your website color could influence customer decision to finalize a purchase? It's interesting fact that best colors for websites for your business could lead to a significant impact in your sales. Your color scheme, website logo font color discount coupon code color, or banners all these overall contribute towards deciding whether the customer would buy it or not.

The science of human psychology is bit tricky, the colors are so brilliantly manipulative and we never realize it that we are under the spell. We simply surrender, and that’s where all the marketing companies and advertisers take advantages of it. So if you are e-commerce store owner and in need of boosting your sale understanding the psychology of colors and manipulate customer’s behavior

In the upcoming lines, I’ll be picking how color affects us and how traders can use it to their advantage. So if you planning for your next sale or about to launch new category of sports, or whether you want to revamp your existing categories and product list, this post will provide you with a good understanding on color science and its impacts on customers. Ready?

The Color Content – Exercise for You!

You shouldn’t believe to what I’m saying, first its better you yourself experience it. So, imagine you are a customer and planning to buy X and just open any e-commerce website, just read your mind and jot down the thoughts [or if you a too conscious, ask your friend to do it], you would notice that as soon as you open it there are thoughts running in your mind, and subconsciously we have already made up some of the decisions like the website is clumsy, or they offer great discounts, within a minute or so.

When you initially open the website, what was the first thing that caught your attention? Which color was it?

Then move on to the category you want to buy stuff or simply search for it. Again jot down the thoughts and record them. What were the findings? Such a weird search, ohh they have so many options in this category. Again jot down the colors you noticed.

Finally select a product and checkout, on each page as you about to confirm a transaction, note down the colors you are noticing. Once you are done, finally write the verdict, whether you would make a purchase or not?

Now, just analyze the decision and colors of the website. What you find?

I’m sure for people who say they’ll buy it would have colors red, pink green

And for people who don’t would have noticed colors say brown, gray, and orange

So, somehow you might have experienced the science of colors and how it could influence your sale!

Research and Study

The science of color had been successfully proven by researchers and scholars. In a recent revelation by kissmetrics, it was shown that each color influence a type of customer and they are applicable to specific shopping venues as well.

So when you are designing or selecting color palette for your banner, just choose it accordingly. What I mean here is , if you are about to announce a sale or need to attract shoppers who just buy on the go without doing much research or discussion, try Red Orange, Black or Royal Blue shades .

The individual color also has a meaning, which could be decoded to attract customers. Just for eg , if you are looking for healthy stuff, don’t you get attracted by green packing? Or if you about to go for some formal party you chose to wear shades of black to look more formal.



If you own a business of cosmetics, choose this color. It could shoot your sales in a tan waveform rising till infinity. It’s a color of complexity, sophistication and business. The beauty industry could take the advantage and bring on the sales



The most likeable color and in fact has a soothing effect. It has a significance of faith and soundness, could best suit financial firms and institutes dealing with money giving security. It has the power to provide customer loyalty. As per the 2003 study in the business research journal it has shown that 15 % of customers would return to store to seal a deal with blue color schemes.



The color belonging to rich. It attracts people towards luxury, so if you need to sell a luxurious product and attract the millionaires of the town, make sure to have this color in your design palate. It has a similar kind of effect as white, where things look posh but choosing burgundy makes it more stylish and elegant.



A veg pizza delivered with a dot of green, brings relief to a hard core vegetarian. This color is signifies nature, so anything related to natural products, organic products, Ayurveda, non-toxic, vegetarian , connected to earth , balancing ecosystem would need this color.



This color is to target budget buyers. The people who wait for prices to dip, before making a purchase, who doesn’t buy just because lets buy it kind of attitude. They have fixed budget to be followed each month. To attract such customers orange is the color like grocery shops, outfits or even shoes.



Pink is related to infants, pink lips, pink fingers, pink toes and seeing a baby what effect you have? You get relaxed. That’s the same effect pink color has on you. It relaxes your body, calms you and how it affects customers? Well, putting holes in a pocket is lot easier once a person is calm, as with a calm mind people could win hearts, and then this is just a matter of getting some cash out. Isn’t?



When you hear word Red, what comes into your mind? Danger or Fire? Isn’t? Red sign basically catches the attention the most and hence most of the danger signs along the highways are marked RED. And that’s another reason for all discounts or sales it is advisable to put it with RED color.



Again, the color to indicate beauty industry, and in specifically the anti-aging products. It’s kind of royal color, and royalty comes with age and grace, having some unique properties which only age can get you. An old wine is priceless, and tastes simple awesome. So if you looking to sell out things for matured people, paint some shades of violet.



Simple, pure, sincerity, modernity and spotless are the words to describe this color. Which industry do you think needs this most? Well, answer is pretty simple the creams, lotion which claim of turning the girl into princess. Also, Apple brand they use white all over and how much loyal customers they have because it signifies honesty and sincerity.



Food joints, especially fast food joints are all painted yellow. You remember Mc Donald buddy, he is all yellow, because yellow color induces energy and increase appetite, and there by signaling you, you are hungry!!

So at the end

The science which seems to be simpler is lot harder to implement. The choice to pick colors to attract customer is not a simple game of throwing a ball to basket. It needs its details and experiments, to lead your online store sale shooting up. Wish you Best of luck and what do you think about psychology behind colors? do let me know in comment below.