7 Best E-commerce Solutions for Small Businesses

Posted by Vikash Rathee on Tue, 03 Mar 2015 13:59:51 GMT
7 Best E-commerce Solutions for Small Businesses

With a boom in the startups, most of the techi people are turning to be an entrepreneur, starting their own business. But as idea could be great for startups, the issue to get all services from third party or to setup their own teams for everything is not possible and always controversial. With the innovation and technology although, launching a website is not a big thing, where build in tools, readymade themes, quick launch banners and other resources are bundled up , which could be started with a click. These tools are handy and make the life of business owner easier as sailing is smooth. Let’s have a quick glance on what are the solutions available for any new launch up of ecommerce website.

1. Symphony Commerce

The biggest challenge for a software company is IT department or team to manage the network and communication, security firewalls etc, just don’t worry. Symphony Commerce is a service provider that handles all the back operation successfully; they are pretty good with infrastructure and IT portion of any category ecommerce platform. So once you enroll for their services you just to worry about selling of your product and how to increase profit. The services is not restricted to back office, but they also offer web design, so you could from day one make your platform available to tablets, mobile phones, smart phones for different OS as well. You could also rely on them to provide one stop shop for inventory and storefront management, advertising, order completion and shipping logistics.

2. CommerceHub

Business families know, how hard it was to find a supplier when the internet didn’t existed, and even if you found it to get the material at a reasonable rate during peak season time was worst than nightmare. CommerceHub is the best business solution to the same problem. They are the mediators who connect the supplier and online store, and also large retailers those intend to sell their products to small business owners. The advantages of paying to middlemen are that you don’t need to worry and find a wholesale supplier who is offering at reasonable price and also of the warehouse, transport. They also extend their services and provide assistance with managing the purchased order, shipment and exchange of the sold product. So the business owner could just concentrate on profit margins and growth of his company.

3. Ocoos

E-commerce is not restricted to retailers. Non-merchants could also sell their services on web, too. Ocoos just offers an extended e-commerce stage especially for undersized service-based businesses. They offer a DIY website builder, which doesn’t require any technical skills and in minutes could make your business live on internet with the most professional look. They also offer managerial tools, to manage the paper work and clerical jobs for customer and sales. They offer an integrated ecommerce solution to social media, reports tracking the customer’s purchases, calendar schedule and also sale tracker to keep attack of the sales made with an ability to export the data onto and MS excel. They have multiple plans to offer and business interested could browse their website, for more details.

4. PayStand

Just a flexible solution to your payments is PayStand. They offer monthly plans for a price ranging till 299$. They have given a twist to the payments mode, saying Payment as a service, which actually saves any business almost ~ 70 % in comparison to traditional methods which mostly business are using. The main features offered by them are various payment choices, set monthly expenses, web page designing, and integration to social networks, and easy one time system setup which leads to quickly launch the website and make it available for buyers to crack the deal.

5. Vee24

The company provides a new view to tackle the customer service and that’s what the offerings are made by them to enhance customer relationship. The traditional method of reaching out to customer via letter/email or chat is sidetracked. In fact even telemarketing calls are what people avoid and are among the worst nightmare. Hence Vee24 is a step further connecting the customer with video. The offerings made by them have variety and a best solution to suit each and every other business owner. Where video technology is surely an enhanced way of helping consumers, it would be a costly affair as not everyone could have a video calling facility in their phones. So depending upon your business needs and most importantly what type of consumers you are dealing with chose the product and it could build a long and lasting relation with your customer. Thanks to Vee24.

6. Shopify

It’s a one stop best ecommerce solution for small business solution to all your queries, they have a DIY website designer, mobile credit card reader for m-commerce owners, iPad point of sale system and most importantly a secure shopping card allowing you to shop with your MasterCard, VISA, American Express . There website designers offers almost 100 predesigned themes under different categories from food, apparel to beauty and baby care, the best part at Shopify is being you don’t need to be technically sound to design this website, just simple dragging dropping and adjustment of fonts and colors and you are done . The security offered to the shopping cart will ensure that no fraud or legality issue arises and you can serve your customer in the long run.

7. Square Market

So you have an idea and you got lucky as investors are ready to invest quickly. So need a website in couple of minutes? Call Square market. The innovators and creators of Square iOS, POS system and Android Card Reader are renowned leaders in this area. They can help you setup your business in minutes. Don’t trust me. Check with them, you need to sell kids products or beauty products or a mobile? Is it an online food store or shoe store or stuff related to health? They can fix everything in minutes, from a personalized banner to the welcome text, integration of social media, your blog page, you’re welcome sale, product size and color options, images, customer contact information and all and all. The best feature is that they don’t have monthly packages instead they offer a fair deal that’s when you make a sale, an x% of the amount would be credited to their account. So for a month if the store didn’t perform well, you can go away with paying the charges and still use their services. A win-win situation for both of them.

No matter the solution you chose, the best part is to stick to it and earn profit and increase revenue. And make sure you weigh all your options before selecting the best ecommerce software for small business narrated above, as once the site is live moving to a different provider could be a costly affair. So browse it, weigh it, analyze it, make sure it fits your store and then go for it.

If you are using any of the above, do let me know your experience in comment below