Top 5 Analytics Tool for eCommerce Business

Posted by Samiksha Seth on Mon, 11 May 2015 10:25:55 GMT
Top 5 Analytics Tool for eCommerce Business

So, you just started your business on World Wide Web, and you worry how you can track visitors and measure traffic? Do you worry about your competitors? Or you have a whole list of web analytic tools but not sure which is the right one?

Shred all your worries, as we bring you an exhaustive list of tools available in the market [free and with fee] and then you can choose which one suits your need. Are you ready to analyze best website analytics tool? Let’s get started –

What is web analytics for e-commerce websites?

Web Analytics term may appear very tech savvy to you, but the definition is very simple. Web analytics is measuring, collecting, evaluating, computing, analyzing, reporting up of data with an aim to maximize traffic and promote sales.

What are the benefits of web analytics?

For your e-commerce business apart from tracking visitors and boosting your sales, analytics if handled correctly offer great advantages –

  • More Leads generation
  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • Analytics data could be used for knowing your customer’s choices and interests
  • Boosting sales
  • Converting visitors into customers
  • Converting customers to repeating customers

And the question is obvious ...

Should I go for a Free Analytics Tool or the Paid One?

Well, if free web analytics tools are good enough to accommodate your needs and suits your requirements, who would like to spend an extra penny? So evaluate your necessities and then explore the product.

Free tools like Google Analytics and Yahoo Web Analytics are pretty robust and capture data points of different checks, so they are quite recommended for start-ups or small firms. Also, these tools could be used by beginners who are still learning “Analytics” and are curious about exploring the advantages.

However, if your business is pretty stable and wants to take an extra step of collecting more data and inserting checkpoints, there are paid solution offered by Adobe, Kissmetrics, Web trend and others that are discussed in the later part of this article.

What Are the Analytics Tools Available In The Market?


It's one of the most comprehensive tools, which could spot even tiny holes in your funnel available in the market. The robust and powerful tool offers in-depth analysis of any data point your heart desires. It’s not just an analytic tool, but a data warehouse where all sorts of data could be stored and used as per request.

This tool offers varieties of reports to check your business health and could be used to analyze and scrutinize a situation. Another interesting feature offered by this company is an “Offline mode” where you can import back the data and then fire reports. It becomes handy for marketing/sales guy who are usually traveling, and access to the home network may not be possible always.

The dashboard is interesting of the product as it allows you to view which all reports were fired recently. And also let you drill down to an individual history and details that you might need. Data manipulation and funnel optimization with this tool are achieved with the success rate.


Adobe Marketing Cloud

It’s another brilliant tool providing ability to pinpoint the stage at which the conversion funnel consumer stand and stats clearly to the sales department on leads maturity. If you are using Adobe CRM as well, integration is seamless, and once the feed is provided to Analytical tool, it gave a clear prediction of conversions and flag leads by design. An excellent tool for the marketing team, as it helps in sourcing pre and post drive intelligence. It is easily customizable and allows users to build and create their metrics.

The best part of this tool is that it allows us to analyze up to the individual level, which is a handy feature for many firms involved in digital marketing. It offers flexibility and so you could customize it as per your liking. And is pretty easy on integration with other systems like CRM’s or sales software


Retention Grid

Another free tool by Avari, quite in line with KISSMetrics is worth mentioning in this list. This tool provides users with easy to understand and publish the color graphs, helping you to decide on what actions needs to be taken. It also provides suggestions for the sales and marketing team what is the best time and product category to reach out to customers. It gives you an idea of how and what should be your next campaign about and who would be the target audience.

This tool taking an extra step shows you the way on how to retain your customer and turn them into loyal customers. Well, who doesn’t want their consumers to keep coming back to them?

The predictive analysis of this tool is brilliant and predicts quite accurately when you need to sell or when you need to invest in building relationships. The predictions work based on individuals data and suggest you what exactly should be in the message you send them and what categories of product to be offered. The tool is more of engaging consumers in your business.


Google Analytics

A free tool and hence you could for sure try it out. This is favorite for most webmasters because of it's capability of tracking and integration with other Google tools such as Webmasters and Adwords to share data with each other. It provides you with an ability to measure your sales and conversions and also gives you an insight on how visitors are arriving and using your site, and how you could keep them coming back. It provides a picture of how the conversions are happening on a daily basis or even within a day. It references other sites, so again a handy tool to check out the references and spend more time to websites that are providing you more traffic.

Google dashboard is easily customizable with an ability to create your views and reports aggregating different data sets. The data captured is very user specific like geographies, device and even the OS being used. It's also handy with Google adwords and SEO data. You can easily monitor your timelines and leads, and it provides you an ability to monitor your goals.

Google analytic tool

WebTrend Analytics

This tool by handles purchase funnel, segmentation, drop off scenarios and good in telling you the bounce rate. A seamless integration with third party tools like app stores, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter gives you an extra edge to feed data appropriately without any hassle. They have great implementation and support team, very knowledgeable on web analytics and proactively help in resolving issues within seconds of their occurrence.

A robust tool that has a great User Interface, allowing you to set multiple folders for your campaigns. It also tracks mobile phone users on your website, monitors social activity and measures the videos on your site.

A very distinct feature of web trends is that it allows you to attach notes to the data points, just like post it. It’s a handy feature to spot the trends. Also, it helps in tracking your goals, raise alerts when traffic is rising or falling below the set goals.


No matter which one web analytics tool you use for your website and how much you are spending on that, you should be clear of the goal you wish to achieve. And remember no tool is best, it’s the implementation that goes best.