10 Social Media Marketing Tools for eCommerce

Posted by Samiksha Seth on Mon, 15 Jun 2015 13:44:11 GMT
10 Social Media Marketing Tools for eCommerce

Social media and online marketing is stressing e-commerce every minute. At one hand the social network is helping the e-commerce platform to generate more traffic, and on the other its complexities are hitting us harder. Just to remember that the main motive of e-commerce platform is to sell and not to share; hence the diversion of Social media is to be kept at second priority rather than one. To gain valuable insights and be more productive, using social media for management, publication, content discovery and engagement is a good thing.

This post brings you an exhaustive list of best tools offered by different social media channels and marketing tools, which could ease your work and generate more traffic. You can blend these tools quite easily in your marketing strategy [which suits your need] and check for the results –

Social Networking on www – Facebook

Face book doesn’t need an introduction. As per the stats of 2014, almost 556 million people access the site every day. So if your business page exists on FB, there is quite a possibility of it getting viewed by at least 1% of FB population. In another survey, it was concluded that Facebook is the most important marketing tool for any e-commerce business.

Keep a TAB on Trending Topics – Twitter

How important it is to you to check what’s in trend around the world? Well, if Microsoft bought Nokia, it could affect your mobile sales and if Maggi had a high content of lead deducted it could again affect your sale. So you need to be up to date!! And twitter is best to know the trends in each category and across globe.

Connect Connect and Connect - Discover.ly

It’s a free Chrome extension which allows you to vie your connection existing on Facebook, Linkedin and even allows you to check the trends of twitter. It’s like all your contacts could be accessed via this ONE app. Their tagline – Put Social to Work is quite apt, as it permits you to bring your social media identity onto work and explore the arena.

Manage Your Social Media -SproutSocial

It’s social media management software capable of finding new customers and also grow your business social media presence. The best two features of this product is twitter feeds and the prettiness of it is that it feeds you with the exact word you want the feed to be. Another good thing about this is the tracking tools of your business on social media, how were the hits? What were usually the browsing options by customers and so on, which could really provide you with an insight to how your customers are treating you online.

Need to pin instagrams – Tailwind

As per one of the report by Pinterest, 75 % of users of Pinterest browse them via smart phones. Well, that seems quite natural to then post your business images on instagrams and let your connections browse them via Pinterest. And this tool is exactly for that! The images are arranged as per your liking may be in terms of likes or the most recent one or the one with most comments. This actually helps in providing a new outlook to your images and moreover a new life on Pinterest.

Need to Discover good Content - Swayy

Sharing is always fun! Isn’t? And for most of us, just clicking that share button to share the good content is quite a sacred ritual. But how to find the “good and best content “at one place? That’s where Swayy tool is quite handy. You simply need to pick the top interest of your target listeners, and Swayy will do the rest of the work for you each day. This brilliant tool actually saves lot of time for me, as just browsing from one website to another and at times I really wonder what I was looking for!

Customer chats with Sales – Zoho Sales IQ

Its an amazing marketing tool and quite powerful one for Sales people. This tool helps you to track visitors and also allow you to chat with them real time. The chat tool also as a translator, so that language is never a barrier between sales and customer person. It comes with an ability to sync up with ZOHO CRM, just in case you are already using it. It also has an intelligence to provide data about for long the visitor had been on your website, other classification and response as well. The interface is neat and easy to use, and quite user friendly. Sales also get the data on which place or geography the customer belongs to. You are sure to fall in love with this one!

Need to schedule the Post - Buffer

Did you ever wonder if the time when posts get published has a relation with its viewing and liking? Well, yes definitely reader’s engagement at the right moment is quite essential. So, while having your lunch you stumbled upon this article and hit share so that even others could read the great content. Hold on, schedule it for right moment. Buffer is just that right solution for you.

Buffer is kind of service absolutely FREE that makes posting at a pre scheduled time an easy task. The product is well integrated with most of the social media network so with a click and set schedule you can fix and provide the right content to your connections. The service is also well integrated with good number of mobile apps and Chrome and Firefox extensions and plug-ins.

Fixing a meeting has never been so easy – Chase’s Calendar of Events

After reading this heading, you may have thought this tool to be a look alike of outlook calendar or IBM notes meeting scheduler. But there’s more to that! This is quite a brilliant tool, as each day is some special day like Cancer awareness day or earth day. And this tool based on the date present you with the ideas or themes for that day. It also has the basic features of reminders for birthdays, national days holidays and anniversaries. So just for eg May 27th is considered to be a Sunscreen Day so you could actually get your hands dirty with content creation on same theme.

Engage your reader – Process Street

When I’m reading an article I believe to quickly scan it, and if some words or lines catch my attention, then I read it completely. So if you are one of those quick scanners – Process Street is just for you!

Process Street is an exhaustive checklist which includes downloadable, images, videos and other forms. With the checklist it provides suggestions on how and what is missing from the article.

No matter which tool you pick, it could only work effectively once you have an eye to detail, a strategy to knock out your competitors and right marketing campaign. Choosing wisely and using it effectively is sure way to earn profit and success. Did we miss any tool? Do let us know if you have more effective and handy marketing tool in comments section below.